It’s Alive! Introducing the Wanderwust: Our LIMITED EDITION Lenormand Deck Creature Thing

Lightning has struck the printing press and given life to our Creature. It’s Alive!

Lenormand Deck

Wait! what she doin’ there? Ah well. Carry on then. We’ve named it the Wanderwust and it’s a FrankenLenormand.

Wanderwust Lenormand

This Limited Edition deck is only available to purchase until the clock runs out  (on August 25) as all copies will be shipped at the same time on August 31st. (Get it while you can.)

Looking for a Lenormand deck that mixes the best parts of old, new, classic and modern decks? Making it the perfect addition to the travel bag of any seasoned reader, and the clearest and most straightforward deck rooted in tradition for new readers? Look no further, well do look further than this preview and read ahead…

Good call reader! The Wanderwust Lenormand was born in my Pure Imagination labs as the result of my experimenting with spicing up my everyday divination tool repertoire. I’ve printed my own versions of Tarot decks before. So I figured I would attempt creating an “ultimate” Lenormand and in the process acquire a unique  custom-made tool to use for my readings. (Yeah we’re into our DIY alright)

A few weeks before this I’d come to realize I didn’t have a go-to Lenormand deck of choice, I found myself alternating between the Alexander Glück Wahrsagen à la Lenormand (a reprint of an old classic), a mini Vintage German Lenormand by sevenstars, a Piatnik and my closest to deck-of-choice, a Japanese Lenormand published by Ryuji Kagami with art by Takuto Endo. (pictured)

Wandering Oracle
Ryuji Kagami/Takuto Endo Lenormand from Japan

Every so often I used the Burning Serpent Oracle by Robert M. Place and Rachel Pollack for personal readings. (Yeah readings about me! I find this deck great for those, not so great for Grand Tableaus because of the larger-sized cards, but I still use up my table for its colossal GTs every now and then.)

I started by putting together the qualities of my perfect Lenormand (other than one designed entirely by me, baby steps).

It would have to be traditional, as much as I enjoy (and frequently use) the offerings of the modern Lenormand world, I find the closest the cards are to the traditional structure of the classic decks, the easier I read. Playing card inserts, included. I’m very fond of the inserts, and again with the tradition. Ideally, it would also have a clean and modern color scheme to differ from an already traditional Antique deck. (Such as a reprint).

So I went ahead and assembled the pieces! I chose the C.L. Wüst -a favorite antique deck from the 1890s- for the card images. Added in the adorable card inserts from an antique Stralsunder. The card backs from a set of old Czech playing cards, and a brand new layout and color scheme, firmly rooted in tradition but sharp enough to compete with a newly packaged deck. I also decided to include redesigned additional Man & Woman cards for same-sex readings.

A sprinkle of my magic powder, a bit of lightning and the Wanderwust was born.

Lenormand Deck
Wanderwust Lenormand Bridge & Mini Sizes

After a few weeks of putting my creation to use, which delivered amazing reading results. I now had a Lenormand deck of choice. My very own go-to deck. Creature got legs (and Mermaid carrying capacity apparently) so for a very limited time you too can own one of these rare creations. 

All decks ordered will be printed at the same time and shipped on or around August 31st. Sale period must end on the 25th in order to get the decks printed on time. Make sure to get a copy before time runs out!

I’ve also decided to include a downloadable Little White (e)Book to guide you on on your Lenormand Journey (Available September 1st). So beginners can make the most of the Wanderwust right out the box!

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Cards are printed on high quality 310gsm card stock with a Linen Finish and the deck is available in both Bridge and Mini size. (Right now we have a bundle deal going to get BOTH and Save $10 dollars. Limited to 20 copies).

Cards will come shrink-wrapped and packaged in a protective tuck box to keep it safe on its way to your door. Oh yeah, there’s Free International Shipping for all orders.

So why wait, go ahead and get yourself a Wanderwust.

Here are images of all 36(+2) Cards in the Wanderwust Mini Edition.

The deck is also available through our Etsy Shop (for an extra buck than at our shop to cover the fees.) you can order it from either place.

Any questions, let us know! shop@wandering

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