The Marshmallow is back!

Our bestselling Marseille-but-sweeter Tarot deck returns in its most divine edition yet.  Available July 5th.

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"I adore this deck. It’s sweet without being cloying, and it’s cute without being twee. It’s so wonderful to look at, and it reads really well." -Tom Benjamin author of Tarot on Earth

Marshmallow marseille tarot


We've taken our beloved creation and sprinkled it with even more magic.

  • Same classic, travel-friendly, fit in the palm of your hand size.
  • Superior cards, sturdier stock with matte fronts and shiny backs.
  • Highest quality printing (we literally traveled across the world to find it!)
  • Enchanting new fold-out tuck box. Tough, polished and guaranteed to protect.
  • Rainbow infused card backs!

Fantastic deck! I love the smaller size too, so it is perfect for travel and generally going out and about with. The deck is true to Marseille imagery while at the same time giving it a fresh, modern, and more inviting feel. The colours are cheery and bright without being overwhelming or distracting. Couldn’t be happier with it!

vintagedoodles - Artist

What an adorable deck! The colors are so vibrant and the faces make me smile. There is such an amazing character to this deck. I have smaller hands and the smaller size of these cards is perfect. The shop was amazingly responsive and quick to respond to my questions. Excellent customer service, and wonderful product. Would highly recommend this deck!

Whitney Bliss -  Card Reader

This is such a cute little deck! Card stock is wonderful and it's just the perfect size to carry along with me. I am just learning the Marseille style of reading and this deck with it's gorgeous pastels make me want to practice every free moment! Thank you. 

WyllowWynd Storelli - Witch

50+  5-star reviews on our website and Etsy.

Inspired by an 18th century Tarot made in the town of Trieste in Italy, the Marshmallow Marseille is sprinkled with sweet new magic to make all your readings burn bright.

Marshmallow Marseille is a full 78-card, Poker-size Tarot deck printed on high quality card stock with new luminous details and packaged in a special fold-out tuck box. Caution: this deck might give your readings a sugar rush. Every hand-drawn card has a slight difference in flavor, but we've stuck with the classic recipe.

Welcome to the land of the Marshmallow Marseille where tiny Devils, Kings, Queens, coin collectors, sword wielders and cup bearers will be enchanted to meet you too.

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