Let me totally pretend the New Year didn't start at midnight on October 31st for a second.

Alright. Hello 2019,

I have some cool plans, and that means changes. 

For starters, this page, which should temporarily cover some of the background mess while I fix the blog behind the scenes. 

Nothing fancy here.  Let's continue...

Marshmallow Marseille Tarot
almost sold out.

In fact there are only 11 left.

Yes that counter updates LIVE. There goes another one.

I am beyond grateful to every one of you who has made the Marshmallow shine! 

While supplies last. For real.

11 Marshmallows left in stock.

Also available in the US from

where stock is currently even lower!

Where next?

I've been very busy since Halloween, in fact all my planned blog entries from October onward were drafted and placed on hold (I'll be releasing them very soon).

Sometime in November I was asked to move out of the house I've called home for the last three years. So I gave most of my stuff away to charity and the trash truck, then kept going. Of course that took three weeks. I later visited the lights in Las Vegas during Xmas and asked them to guide my way.

I am now in my (former) next door neighbor's house (she's a traveler too) and I have some unconventional living plans for the rest of the year, which I am very much looking forward to documenting. These are the kind of adventures I continue to go through as a Wandering Oracle.

As part of its Return, which began on December of 2017, Saturn has proven diligent and I compliant. So, I very much look forward to the rest of its time in Capricorn and my fifth House. 

Shiny & New

In fact as part of my partnership with Saturn, I've spent last year working with my brother (also Saturn returning) on our next creation.

I'm pleased to announce that our brand new Tarot deck is almost ready!

We plan to print it along with the next run of the Marshmallow. As it looks now this should be sometime before the summer.

Those of you in my newsletter already caught a glimpse, but if you're interested in being the first to know about the new deck and get early bird pricing, leave your email address below and I will share the magic with you as soon as it's done brewing.


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So Long

As I have learned in the past weeks, sometimes you have to say goodbye to things.

Legacy Decks have now been discontinued.

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