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About the Marshmallow

​Hands down my favorite re-worked Tarot de Marseille to learn, study, and travel with, on a daily basis. The cards are the absolute perfect size. But best of all, the artwork and colors are inviting...If you feel the traditional Tarot de Marseille decks to be a little intimidating or somber, but you want to learn to use them- you will LOVE this vibrant and fun deck. The Marshmallow Tarot is as sweet as it is comforting to keep close.

Tara Linda

Sacred Land Sage

​I adore this deck. It’s sweet without being cloying, and it’s cute without being twee. It’s so wonderful to look at, and it reads really well. I think “marshmallow” is a slightly deceptive name, because it’s not soft or bloated–it’s airy and fresh. I love reading with it, and it’s the deck I’m carrying around with me all the time, right now–which is nice, because its size makes it easy to do!

Tom Benjamin

Author of Tarot on Earth

I stumbled upon this beautiful little deck, the Marshmallow Marseille, and decided I had to have it - this deck is poker sized and very easy to handle and lay out to explore suit progressions - it’s pretty and has a warm, inviting feel I don’t get from the aesthetic of ‘true’ Marseille decks. The colours, are, as the name would suggest, a palette of marshmallowee pastels and absolutely beautiful. And it is just so damn cute, without being cutesy, if that makes sense?

Six Swords

Tarot Blogger

Designed to make your readings burn bright.

Inspired by an 18th century Tarot made in the town of Trieste in Italy.

Marshmallow Marseille Tarot is a full 78-card, Poker-size, borderless Tarot deck printed on high quality card stock with new luminous details and packaged in a special flip-open tuck box.

Welcome to the land of the Marshmallow Marseille where tiny Devils, Kings, Queens, coin collectors, sword wielders and cup bearers will be enchanted to meet you too.

Sprinkled with sweet new magic.

  • Travel-friendly, fit in the palm of your hand size.
  • Superior card stock and printing.
  • Enchanting new flip-open tuck box. Protects and dazzles.
  • Rainbow infused card backs!

Caution: this deck might give your readings a sugar rush.  Each hand-drawn card has a slight difference in flavor, but we've stuck with the classic recipe.

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