Has it really been three months? What a summer. What a life!

Wish I could tell you I just took a really long holiday. But the real reason for the temporary blog takedown? I took back my old summer job (something I thought I would never do again) later I went on a little holiday (in Transylvania, no kidding) but on top of that I’ve been busy writing elsewhere, I’m now on the third draft of my latest screenplay (and I only have so much typing in me).

But now, the time has finally come to return to my favorite corner in the world, this one, and in order to make this work with my new writing schedule and not disappear for another three months I’m gonna change things up a bit:

Shop always open

We’ve released our latest product Fun Size Lenormand (mini decks) and the seasonal edition of the Spooktacular Lenormand which includes two extra cards and a super-cool seasonal tuck box that I can’t wait for you to see (and is only available this month).

A couple months ago we updated all our Lenormand decks which are now printed on premium card stock and include tuck boxes.  We’ve also added a new way to check your order status and have permanently eliminated shop customer accounts which were an old feature of the first shop incarnation (if you had one of those it’s gone now). We decorated for the season and held our first October Sale last weekend, with flying candy corn! More cool stuff to come.

Goodbye Readings

I took them down a few weeks ago, don’t think I’ll be offering them again. I have enough in-person readings to satisfy my diviner quota. If you really want a reading though, you can always contact me via the floating green bubble.

Lenormand Lodge will continue… in a different format 

More on this later. I’ve gone back and fixed the last few entries which had been a bit rushed at the time of posting, check those out!  I originally intended for these to come out quicker but then they took on a life on its own and I really didn’t want to sacrifice quality. Then I took that three-month break (sigh). So, the blog series will now conclude with #8, the Coffin (fitting, 8 also happens to be my magical number). It will come back to life in a slightly different format which we will reveal shortly after post number eight. Keep an eye out for those two final posts in the next couple of weeks.

More blog

I’ve decided the only way to keep this blog going is to use it to post about anything and everything I feel like. As it used to be when I first started it. Cards, magic, music, books, everything (additional to shop or product updates). So mote it be.

That’s all for now! 

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