Previously on Lenormand Lodge. A welcoming and overview of the Lodge’s Guidelines. Meet the Rider, first step towards reading. Find the Clover and where the luck is. Hop on board the Ship. Dinner at the Lodge, enter the House. Now a bright new day…

Good morning travelers! Sweet dreams then? Put on your good shoes and let’s hit the road, we’re going for a walk on the wild side. That’s right. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast, our homemade cereal is world-famous, it’s got enough sugar to get you where we’re going.

Our first stop is one of our Land’s treasures and we’re going deep into the woods to find it. Ready? Let’s go.

Away so soon?

Good day! We’re off for a walk in the woods Larry.

Ah the tree collection! It is far from Stork, maybe I come with you now.

Sure, we’d be delighted to have you join us.

And I can help with the explanation parts maybe.

Most excellent, come along then. You’ve all met Larry.

You bring the beer Oracle? It’s a good sunny today. Roar I feel alivened.

Yes yes, alright, follow me.

Welcome to the Forest of Wishes, watch your step. In the Old, Game of Hope days, the Woods were a sanctuary granted from falling on the Fox card, a cleverly disguised retreat, the cunning creature would mislead and confuse you back nine spaces to seek refuge here.

Good days those, people pay two tokens to come into House then, now I just give un give, but I like zis, my heart now is big.

Good to hear and yes, we’re not there yet but you could say this is already square 5, the Woods as Der Spiel goes. But, don’t get ahead of yourselves. It’s the coffee’s fault there are so many Trees here. Enlighten us oh mighty sludge!

“Never regret labor or pains; a good work is its own reward, be this your consolation.”

One tree only, be it in the clear, or thick part, points out lasting good health; several trees denote that your wish will be accomplished. If they be encompassed with dashes, it is a token that your fortune is in its blossom, and will require some time to bring to maturity. If they accompanied by dots, it is a sign that you will make your fortune in the country where you reside.

Look up for them dashes heathen folk! What do you make of all this Larry?

Good yes. Many trees wish come true, one tree, lasting health. I like it, tree pretty, well done brown water.

Stop, now look over there. Folks, you’re looking at your one Tree now.

See, reading cups makes it more viable to spot more than one Tree, the Game of Hope adopted the many trees and subsequent Woods from that, and although only one made it into our current map, and the coffe card appears lonely, the Game of Hope creator still called it Woods (and added a couple other Trees). However, you’ll find most Lenormand decks show one Tree, and it’s the oldest in all of Lenormand Land! Say hello tree talkers! Ooh here comes a message Bird, what carry you, frail creature? A little note you say, let us see.

A Tree, if distant from the Person, signifies good health; more trees of different cards together, leave no doubt about the realization of all reasonable wishes.

Love. P.

Sneaky bastard. Well, as you can attest, P’s copycat ghost skills are bright as ever here. Philippe Lenormand professional ghost at your writing services.

He’s poltergeist, vanquish him! Berry Liquor anyone?

Sure there are more Trees in other squares, like say, the Garden, you may use them as the ‘other Trees’ referred to, if you wish, but you should know very well by now Fortunate Trees can shapeshift and appear from anywhere if you cast a good spell. Pass me that Berry Wine.

I am the King of the Heart suit! Whoa healthy wine.

Alright gather round and join hands. I’m totally playing with you. Just look, try to find the health and the wish come true in the Tree, you’ll notice it’s not there ’til it’s there. Both the Coffee and the Ghost have a point, trees are givers of life. But before they are that they’re just big, green pretty (or boring) things to look at.

Remember the Clover? Saying, “Hey! Look everywhere.”  When rightly observed trees remind us that everything is connected.

Whether you’re lost in the woods or out of the woods, the connection remains, from the life-giving sun rays to the small falling drops of rain, all the way down to to the soil and back to the air you breathe. All in the Tree. Fire, Water, Earth, Air. See how one Tree is all the Trees now?

Rider movement, Clover vision, Ship’s invisible wind forces, the internal House realms and now Tree connections. Enter the next building block in a Tirage en ligne, Pair, Trio, and the Line of Five.

Hey what about me Oracle, I am number four!

Yeah you can throw lines of Four cards Larry, but you’ll find a line of Five keeps a card in the center, and so like a Tree grows our units go from one pair, then two pairs that make a trio (using the middle card twice) and then two trios make a line of five.

That sounds insane. Here, allow me to demonstrate.

Does that make more sense? In the trio you can look at two sets of two! The middle together with each side and also the first with the last card but those cards are mirroring and we’ll explore mirroring at the end of the first level (almost there). In this way you also get two trios out of a line of five, you see, and if you happen to pull an extra card in a trio, as additional testimony you’ve got your four cards Larry! There, everyone happy. Anyway, you can always use as little or as many cards as you like! I’m just trying to show you there is more than one level to a line.

Now! Let’s breathe in the majestic airs of our large green companion and jump in the line! We’re all tree talkers here, right? So let’s talk Tree. Everyone shuffle and pull five cards.

“Dear Tree, does he love me?”  

What? It’s a common question! People ask it to flowers for crying out loud. Uh oh, hold that thought, wind’s changed. Company’s coming.

Oh I see them. Everyone hide! Here come the party shi-


To be continued.

The Adventure Continues: Company of Clouds

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