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Want one of our Legacy, Lenormand, Playing Cards or Tattwa decks? Get one here.

I’ve received many emails from card readers who wonder what happened to the Lenormand decks? Are they gone for good, coming back, being reworked? While I don’t plan to release new editions of these decks, your lovely emails, as well as a few clandestine email sales of the Starduster and Wanderwust Lenormands, have convinced me to create a page where you can continue to special order these cards if you so desire. 

Legacy decks are printed on demand (that means one copy at a time made just for you in about 3-5 working days) and only available to special order here.

I created the first of these ‘remix’ decks for myself as a travel-friendly tool for my divination practice. Only after a sold-out sale experiment and great feedback did I decide to create more. All this eventually led to the Marshmallow Marseille Tarot, and now a new Tarot project I will let you in on soon (the video header holds a clue, wink).

The Legacy Lenormand decks are perfect for beginners as they follow the classic layout and the symbols are bright and very easy to read.

Along with the Wanderwust and Starduster Lenormand cards (CL Wust and Stralsunder remixes respectively). The Legacy catalog also includes a replica of my favorite set of worn and torn antique Bulgarian playing cards, which I call the DRAK cartomancy deck, and Tattwa cards over your choice of white backgrounds or Golden Dawn corresponding colors.

I hope you continue to enjoy these cards as much as I have and here’s to more magic! 


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