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Calling all space witches! Saturnalia is upon us. Soar into the celebration with our final sale of the year. The very last few Marshmallow Marseille Tarot decks left in our spaceship stock, would be delighted to brighten the short days and cold nights ahead with you. Get one before they fly off!

In the US? Order via Amazon for Guaranteed on time Holiday delivery!

Anywhere else. Order here. 

We cannot guarantee on time holiday delivery but let us know and we will provide you with an e-card for any gift recipient  should you require it.

WAIT! Get another drink! 'tis the season. Jupiter is in Sagittarius and dance ready. Get one Marshmallow for yourself and gift another with these special double & triple seasonal


100+ 5-Star Reviews!

"I am continually surprised at how much the colors, the mood, and the friendliness of the deck call to me. I am very happy to use this fun and playful Tarot. It is a gem."  

Ellen Worley

"A sweet alternative for those who have a hard time connecting with the bold colours and harshness...of the antique Marseille decks."


"Hands down my favorite re-worked Tarot de Marseille to learn, study, and travel with."

Sacred Land Sage


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