DIY Lenormand (Free Download)

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Instant Lenormand! 100% Free.

Download includes Letter and A4 templates plus image files (for adding to other templates such as Avery business cards).

Additional Man and Woman cards are included, as well as a blank card template if you wish to add cards or create your own designs.

See details in product description.

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Download a 100% Free Lenormand Deck to print at home!

You’ll need a printer, card paper, scissors, and a craft hour. Colors and pen are optional if you wish to add a personal touch, color in, write in card names, meanings, keywords or personal notes, the possibilities are endless.

You can also print these out on regular paper and use them for your journal.  Stickers on regular playing cards? Get creative!

You’ll need:

  • FREE DIY Lenormand Download
  • A printer. 
  • Printer Friendly Card-stock Paper (We used Avery Clean-Edge Business Cards, Letter or A4 sized card paper will do just fine)
  • Templates (Our download includes Letter and A4 ready to print templates, for other products such as the Avery Business Cards you’ll need to use their respective printing template and add the individual card images provided.)
  • Scissors or other fancier cutting equipment (such as paper guillotines or X-acto knives, rulers and cutting boards, depends on your preference we cut ours with plain old scissors.)
  • Pens and Colours to personalize.
  • OPTIONAL: Round edge cutter (We tried round-cutting corners with scissors but ended up leaving ours square in the end. Cutting around is an art.)

Advanced crafters are free to try everything and anything they want on them. (3D paint, neon markers, textures, inks, gilding, etc.) If you do, please don’t forget to share your results with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or by contacting us using the floating bubble on the bottom right or write us

Step 1 Download and Print

Free Lenormand
Assembling the template.


Download the DIY Lenormand and unzip file. Use the A4, Letter or your own template and print out the cards on card-stock paper (regular paper unfortunately won’t do. It needs to be thick enough to shuffle easily) We assembled the individual card images from the download on Avery business Card templates, it took 4 pages in total.

Avery Easy Edges template leaves you with this.
Avery Clean-Edge Business Cards come out like this.

Step 2 Slice and Dice 

Cut all the individual cards the same size. You may choose to keep a small blank border around them or just cut around the black line. (We recommend the white border, looks  neat) This is a tedious step so put on some music, or your favorite podcast (Rune Soup by Gordon White or The Hermit’s Lamp by Andrew McGregor make wonderful slice and dice partners! You can also listen to bone-chilling tales on Lore.)

Free Lenormand
Tried using a guillotine first but gave up and used REGULAR SCISSORS.

Decide how you want your edges! You can leave them square, cut them round (preferably with a special round cutter but the adventurous can use small sewing scissors) or in the case of the Avery business cards you could even leave them as they are (without cutting at all) and use the extra blank space for adding notes (This could work for learning, and you can always remove your notes by cutting them out later).

Step 3 Personalize 

Free Lenormand

You can add in card keywords, color them in with markers, put glitter on, it’s paper, go as far as you’d like! Redecorate, re-use, print and reprint as you see fit.

A good baby-steps personalizing idea would be to color-in the extra man and woman cards (INCLUDED!) differently from the main ones.

We’ve also included blank cards so you can replace any card with your own design or better yet, draw your own entire set!

There’s a lot of experimenting to do. Make sure to share your designs with us here or on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages so we can feature them.

Don’t forget to share your creations!  #wanderingoracle

Use the contact bubble (bottom right corner) email us or find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

4 reviews for DIY Lenormand (Free Download)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Aster (verified owner)

    The DIY Lenormand is a fantastic service to the Lenormand community. the deck is fantastic. I love that it preserves the connection to the readers who came before us by using the traditional art, but it’s so easy to read because only the symbol is colored. And it’s very easy to print the images and create a deck. And you can personalize your cards with keywords or whatever you want, so they’re also a great learning tool.

    This is the perfect deck for people just learning Lenormand and for those who are already experts.

    Thank you so much for offering this resource!

    ~ Aster

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Suhendri (verified owner)

    If you practice and love lenormand, this is a DIY deck you must acquire! Download and print the deck. But I warn you, if playing with it, you will quickly wish to buy a non DIY deck such as Wanderwust Lenormand.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Russ (verified owner)

    Thank you for being brave and offering a free download Lenormand deck. It’s wonderful. Not only do I get a great little Lenormand, but I have the pleasure of personalising it too! If I decide to amend my colour scheme it’s easy: just reprint the cards I want to redo and lo and behold a new deck. I’m sure to think of other ways to adapt these cards. I’ll end up with several decks and all for free. Superb!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Karen (verified owner)

    This DIY Lenormand is a great way to make your own Lenormand deck! It’s easy to print out and you can use photo editing or hand color to personalize the deck. Change colors, add text or backgrounds. Setting up the basic card layout is already done for you in a convenient ready-to-print format. Very nice. Thank you for offering!

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