Fun-Size Starduster (Mini Deck)


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A spirited remix of the classic Stralsunder Lenormand, restored, recolored, borderless, slightly aged and made to shine like the brightest star in the galaxy.

Starduster is a 38 card Lenormand cartomancy deck, printed on premium 310 gsm card stock and packed in a specially designed tuck box for safe-keeping. Includes Additional Man and Woman Cards.

Note: Mini cards do not come in a tuck box.

Made to order. Ready to ship in 3-5 working days. Printed and shipped from the US.

MINI SIZE: 1.625” X 2.5

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The Brightest Lenormand in the Galaxy!

Back in the 1890s on an island off the coast of Germany called Stralsund, a beautifully illustrated Lenormand/Game of Hope deck with a pleasant color palette saw the light for the very first time. The very creative Germans of the land called it the Stralsunder.

Flash forward to the future of 2016, where here at Wandering Oracle I’ve taken an ancient specimen of this Stralsunder deck to the Pure Imagination lab, and in Wanderwust fashion, through the technicolor tube and the remix machine. Then out to dry with a bit of wormwood by the modern classics shelf.

What’s come out is a borderless, slightly aged, recolored and with more spark than ever (look at that Moon card) version of the original. I tried to recreate the look of old print and stamp techniques (if more lively colors had been available) and as a tribute to the original name, I’ve called it the Starduster.

My original aim was to craft a deck inspired by the arts scene of the 1920s fit for the tables of an underground Parisian cafe and the Absinthe drinking witches of yore- there’s a little of that in here- but also a dash of beyond, of faraway galaxies and magical islands, of Stars, their dust and those of us who work with it. Behold!

Available in Bridge and Mini Size.
38 CARDS TOTAL. BRIDGE SIZE: 2.25″ X 3.5″ MINI SIZE: 1.625” X 2.5”


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