Dear diviners, big changes are underway as Wandering Oracle approaches its third anniversary. We’ve been busy sweeping away the dust, breaking walls, brewing new things, and now the time has come for us to clear out all current editions of our decks. On April 22, we will entirely shut down for a full tear down, but before then…everything must go!

This is a once in a blue moon opportunity to get every single one of our products for an incredibly low price. These are not our usual sale prices and are unlikely to return so…

If you’ve been craving a little Marshmallow Marseille Tarot $40 $28 
or the trumps + knights Firestarter edition $20 $13
Want to spice up your GTs with one of our Lenormand Decks $20 $13
in their delightful mini Fun-Size $15 $11
Shuffle the DRAK Cartomancy Playing Cards by the fire $25 $15
or take a set of Tattwa Cards on your summer trip to the woods $13 $8
Before April 22

International Shipping Note:  United States Postal Service’s recently updated international rates now calculate any shipment above the size of a 15-card deck into their new and unusually high flat-rate. Because of this, for the entire duration of the Sweep n’ Brew sale, Non-US orders for any deck (excluding the Marshmallow Marseille Tarot) require a minimum order of two decks. 

We’ve created a special product page to place all Non-US orders here.

Please be aware single product pages will display a US-Only restriction (except for the Marshmallow Marseille Tarot) Don’t be alarmed, this does not mean that a product is unavailable, only that if outside the US you must order it from the Non-US page.

The Sweep n’ Brew Clearance Sale is exclusive to our website and not available on Etsy. Spread the word!

As always, happy readings.


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